SincpacC3D General Information Command Summary Quux Software


Bonus tools for Civil-3D.

Command Aliases:

It is useful to assign command aliases to commands, to make them easier to run from the command line. Below are some suggested command aliases for Sincpac-C3D commands. These aliases do not conflict with any of the default command aliases found in the default installation of Civil-3D.

To add them to your installation, go to Tools->Customize->Edit Program Parameters. Then copy and paste the following lines to the end of the file. Make sure not to overwrite any of the existing lines in the file. Save the file, and type REINIT at the command line to reload the PGP file and refresh your aliases.

BP, *BrkPt
CAP, *CreateAlignProf
CAPF, *CAPFeature
CAPS, *CAPSurface
CLO, *CreateLowering
D, *PtInv
DP, *DisplayPoints
DPR, *DisplayProfile
FA, *FigArea
FL, *FlipObjects
FR, *FreePt
GL, *GenLabelLayer
HB, *HideBnd
IP, *IdPtGroup
LB, *LabLay
LC, *LotCorners
MP, *MovePoints
MX, *MarkerExtract
NX, *NextPt
PB, *PGBrowser
PCK, *PerpCheck
PCL, *PerpClean
PK, *Parking
PKC, *ParkingCount
PLA, *PLAlign
PLP, *PLProfile
POS, *ParcelOffset
PTF, *Pt2Feature
PTP, *Pt2Profile
RDUP, *RemoveDuplicatePIs
RM, *RotationMatch
RPM, *RotateMarkers
RPT, *RotatePoints
SEQ, *StationEquation
SF, *StaOff
SFP, *StaOffPrint
SGO, *SGObject
STAEQ, *StationEquation
STKF, *StakeFeatures
TOFG, *ToFGProfile
X2, *Extract2d
XX, *NextPt
ZZ, *ZoomPt