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Note - Only available in Sincpac-C3D versions 3.0 and newer

The SPAddPipesByPoints allows the user to add pipes to an existing pipe network by selecting any number of points in the drawing. Single segment points will have just a pipe added, whereas multi-segment points will have a structure placed at each selected point.


Type SPAddPipesByPoints at the command line or select it from the Sincpac2 Ribbon Tab, Tools Panel. There must be at least one Pipe Network in the drawing, else you will be notified of this and the command will end. Should the re be just one Network available you will be prompted to use it, respond with a Yes or No.

AddPipesByPoints Use Single Network

When there is more than one Network available, the following form will be displayed to choose which one to use:

Choose which Network

Next, you will be shown a form from which to choose the Part Families and sizes for Pipes and Structures, as well as what part of the Pipe is to be used for the elevation from the points selected. If the Select Multiple Points is checked then the command creates connected pipes and structures until ended by the user. If not checked then two points are entered and then the user is prompted to enter a new start and end point.

Choose which Parts and location of Elevation

Now select the points you want to add to the Network using any normal selection method. Note that the internal code is a bit slow (C3D's, not ours) so it will take a few moments if you enter a large number of points.

See Also

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Swaps multiple pipes or structures from one size to another size.

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